The double expodesk exhibits a large area of exposure of 196×94,5cm, it can be built up easy and quick (aprox. 5 minutes) no tools needed.

Price: 3179 kr

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Double Expodesk ALU (also known as infodesk / counter / information desk) is a portable lightweight display, infodesk type, for indoors especially designed for displaying information about the product or company at exhibitions, presentations, conferences and events. This exhibition counter’s front is slightly curved. It consists of a metallic structure, spider type, sustaining a panel customized with printed and laminated self adhesive vinyl, provided with a high quality black wooden countertop. This display is provided with an inner shelf which may be used for storing the products needed at presentations. The counter’s system includes: an extensible structure, twenty-four metal rods (ten straight rods for vertical mounting, six convex rods for horizontal mounting on the front, four concave rods for horizontal mounting on the back and four rods semicircle shape for side mounting), one varnished wooden countertop, one inner shelf and three textile bags for protection and an easy transportation. The graphic is printed at a resolution of 2400 dpi using professional equipment of the latest generation and environmentally friendly inks, odorless and solvent free. The graphic is protected by a laminated foil for extra protection. The graphic can be changed at any time thus achieving a new customized visual. Multiple sets of graphics can be ordered for alternate use.

If you have any questions or want to order, please contact hello@print4u.se.